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Chiropody and Footcare Services for Nursing Homes

The importance of offering regular, professional footcare services for nursing home residents is paramount to their well-being.

First4feet currently offers a full range of foot health treatments to over twenty local care homes within the Southend area. This includes Poppy Lodge Care Home and Catherine Millar House along with many others in Westcliff, Hadleigh, Thundersley, Rayleigh, Canvey and Benfleet.

Research shows that the elderly and frail have an increased risk of trips and falls due to poor foot health. However, this risk can be greatly reduced with regular foot practitioner appointments to treat minor foot problems but also identify and diagnose more serious issues at an early stage.

Visiting every 6-8 weeks we deliver the following services in our general maintenance appointments which always includes a thorough foot examination at every appointment:



Fungal nail infections


Athlete’s Foot

Thickened nails

Cracked heels

Diabetic foot care

Nail trimming

Ingrown toenails

Foot ulcers

CQC requirements and record keeping

To help you to meet your CQC requirements more easily, we provide full reports on each resident as required and liaise with your staff regarding best practice for each condition and future treatments.

Each resident is allocated a detailed record sheet which will enable you to easily track an individuals’ treatment. We will also attend in addition to regular, scheduled treatment days to offer emergency or urgent foot care.

Footcare services for residents with dementia or learning difficulties

The many illnesses and mental health problems that typically present in the elderly can have a detrimental effect on a residents’ mobility and level of communication and our team are highly experienced in delivering treatments in a calm and welcoming manner.

We know that a resident may appear agitated or distressed, often due to dementia or fear, and we work closely with your staff to resolve any problems and determine the most efficient way to achieve treatment such as visiting a resident in their own room rather than a dedicated treatment room. Covid-19 may currently restrict this, but we will always do our best to treat everyone in a dignified and respectful manner.   


Care home manager experience

Sajeed Khudurun has previously worked as a care home manager and has extensive knowledge of the delivery of foot health services in a care home setting. He appreciates the issues that can arise in matters of confidentiality, informed consent, record keeping and the need to understand the possibility of communication difficulties in some residents.

Prior to our initial treatment day, we always undertake a full site visit. This helps us to familiarise ourselves with your premises and staff and ensures a smooth process on the first day of treatment. Our footcare practitioners will bring everything with them. We simply require a dedicated space, ideally with good ventilation and hand washing facilities and often use the hair salon if your care home has one.

Covid-19 and sterilisation of instruments

We place great emphasis on clinical cleanliness and abide strictly to the care guidelines set out for Foot Health Professionals. Instruments are sterilised in an autoclave and remain sterile in a vacuum sealed pouch until opened during treatment. We clean and disinfect the chair and any general equipment between each resident and use fresh PPE preventing cross contamination Most of our team have now received their vaccination against COVID-19 and carry evidence of this which we are happy to provide for your records.


Free treatments for care home managers

All managers receive one free treatment every 6-8 weeks, and we offer staff a ???% reduction.   


How to contact us

If you are considering using fIrst4feet as the dedicated footcare services provider for your care home, please get in touch by calling 01702 554445. We can discuss our services in more detail and answer any question that you may have. We offer a free one-off treatment at your local clinic for you to experience our services first-hand.

You can also request a Care Home Information pack at the same time.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Home Visits


Professional footcare from the comfort of your own home

We understand that it can be difficult for you to attend one of our clinics for

treatment and are pleased to offer a Home Visiting Service. Ideal for those who

have mobility issues or who prefer not to venture out during the Pandemic.


All practitioners at First4feet are fully DBS checked and experienced in visiting

clients in their own homes. If possible, we prefer a ground room where you can be

seated on an upright chair such as a dining room or kitchen but will adapt

treatments to your specific mobility needs where required.

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